Terms of Service

Last updated on July 29th, 2018

A user account is an account used to log in to our website and panels. It has access to the data of one customer account. A user account belongs to a user. There can be multiple user accounts with access to a customer account (for example if multiple employees need to access a company account).

A customer account is an account that has invoices, quotes, services and other customer-specific data assigned to it. This data can be accessed by a customer or an employee of a customer using a user account associated with the customer account. A customer account belongs to a customer.

A user is a person (typically a customer or employee of a customer) that has access to a user account.

A customer is a natural or legal entity holding a customer account. In our acceptable use policy, it also refers to every user linked to the customer account in question.

A server is a dedicated or shared, virtual or physical instance of a general server, game server, voice server or other server software.

A dedicated server is a server machine dedicated to one customer.

A VPS is a virtual dedicated server owned by a customer that is running on a dedicated server owned by the host.

The host is the company running this website. In this case it is BoltN Hosting Limited.

A service is a server, product or service offered by the host.

A reseller is a natural or legal entity reselling the services offered on this website from the host.

A partner is a natural or legal entity that has a partnership with the host.

§1 Customer accounts
§1.1 One account per customer
A customer must not open more than one customer account with the host without prior written agreement by the host. Any customer found violating this rule may have any or all of their customer accounts terminated.

§1.2 Customer account termination
A customer can terminate their customer account at any time by contacting the hosts customer support. The host may terminate customer accounts at any time with or without any reason. A terminated account can not be accessed however it can be reactivated as long as it is not deleted yet. In order to request account reactivation please contact our customer support. Please note that account reactivation is at the sole discretion of the host. When a customer account is terminated the host automatically terminates all services associated with the customer account as soon as termination is possible (usually this is instantly but if a service has a minimum commitment this can be different). Terminated accounts can still be invoiced for any services that could not be terminated instantly. No products will be refunded in case of a customer account termination. If you plan to close your account please make sure to request a refund beforehand. The host may delete terminated customer accounts at any time. When a customer account is it can no longer be restored.

§1.3 Personal data required
There is certain personal data required on sign up and on your first order. You must fill in your actual personal details. The personal data is processed only under the terms of our privacy policy.

§1.4 Customer account eligibility
Any natural or legal entity is allowed to sign up for a customer account as long as they are not on the host’s or a partner’s blacklist, do not breach the host’s ToS and are not part of the groups listed in section §1.6. The host can also disallow any entity from opening a customer account.

§1.5 Post-paid customer accounts
It is possible to request post-paid customer accounts. In order to do so, please contact our customer support.

§2 User accounts
§2.1 User account termination
User accounts can be terminated using the company management and user management panel as long as the account to terminate is not the last user account linked to its customer account. The host may also terminate user accounts at any time with or without any reason. Termination of a user account does not mean termination of the customer account. In case every user account linked to a customer account was terminated by mistake you can request customer account termination or creation of a new user account via the host’s customer support.

§2.2 Personal data required
There is certain personal data required when creating a user account. The data must be filled in correctly and is only processed under the terms of our privacy policy.

§2.3 User account eligibility
A customer can create user accounts for any natural entity they want to give access to their customer account. User accounts for legal entities may only be opened with written agreement from the host in special cases. In some cases, it may be possible to create user accounts for entities on the host’s or a partner’s blocklist but this is not always the case.

§2.4 Responsibility for abuse
The holder of the customer account the user account is linked to is responsible for abuse.

§3 Acceptable use
§3.1 General acceptable use
A customer must not use our services for anything illegal in their jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of the city of London. Customers also must not test our DDoS and other hacking protections.

§3.2 Game server acceptable use
Game server customers must adhere to the ToS and policies of the game installed on the game server.

§3.3 Dedicated server acceptable use
Dedicated servers must not be used for the following:

  • Spamming (a charge of 250€ plus 1€/email applies for violation of this rule)
  • Adult-Oriented Content (exceptions to this rule are possible, please contact us for more details)
  • Obscene Speech or Materials
  • Defamatory or Abusive Language
  • Illegal or Unauthorized Access to Other Computers or Networks
  • Distribution of Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses or Other Destructive Activities
  • Facilitation of a Violation of this AUP
  • Export Control Violations
  • Usenet Groups
  • Activities harming the host’s and/or a partner’s network
  • Scanning of foreign networks or foreign IP addresses
  • Manually changing the hardware (MAC) address
  • IP spoofing

§3.4 Web and email hosting acceptable use
The host’s web hosting service must not be used for phishing, adult-oriented content or spam. This also applies to the host’s email hosting service.

§3.5 IP address acceptable use
This policy applies to both IP addresses ordered as additional IP for a service bought from the host and dedicated IP addresses bought for other reasons (for example GRE tunnels). You must not use your IPs for anything forbidden by our dedicated server acceptable use policy.

§3.6 SSL acceptable use
When ordering a SSL certificate, the customer must enter accurate data. The data you enter will be verified by the host and/or the issuing CA. The customer must not order SSL certificates for lookalike domains.

§3.7 Domain acceptable use
When registering or transferring a domain, the customer must enter accurate data. The data may be verified by the host and/or it’s partners. The data will also appear in the domain’s whois unless the customer purchases a whois guard subscription for the domain. Please note that the whois guard may not be available for every domain. You must not violate anyone’s trademarks and/or register or transfer lookalike domains.

§4 Punishable actions
The following actions will be punished with a charge:

  • IP appearing in a spam blacklist: 5€/IP
  • IP appearing in a blocklist: 5€/IP
  • Spam from a dedicated server: 250€ plus 1€/email plus IP blacklist charges

§5 Refunds
§5.1 Refund right waiver
If you live in a country with a legal refund right you accept to waive this right by ordering from the host.

§5.2 Refund requests
You can request refunds via the panel. If your request is accepted, your service will be terminated instantly. Some refund requests may be automatically processed while others require manual reviews. If your request is declined, you can appeal the decision and request c-level review. If your appeal has also been declined, you cannot open another refund request or appeal for the service in question.

§5.3 Not refundable services
The following services are generally not refundable:

  • Some Domains
  • Dedicated Servers outside of Germany

The following services can only be partially refunded:

  • Domains
  • Voice servers

5.4 Refund of not delivered services
If your service is in the “Pending” state, refund requests will automatically be accepted and the processing will be cancelled. This includes not refundable services. Please note that this does not count for products in the “Processing” and “Setup” states.

§6 Company accounts
Company accounts are special customer accounts belonging to a company. A company account is required in order to add additional user accounts to your customer account.

§6.1 Company account eligibility
A company account can only be created if the customer is a registered company. You will have to go through an automated verification process in order to get a company account.

§7 VAT
VAT is automatically added where applicable. VAT is excluded in the prices listed on our website.

§7.1 VAT-free accounts
Company accounts can use reverse charge. In order to activate this feature, you have to enter your EU VAT ID in your company profile. The VAT ID will be verified automatically. Once it is verified, we will not charge VAT from you anymore.

§8 Payments
§8.1 Payment methods
We are guaranteed to accept the payment methods listed on the checkout form. You can contact our support for other options but we are not required to accept them.

§8.2 Pre-paid products
Unless stated differently all products are pre-paid. This means that they will not be processed until you pay your invoice however it also means that orders are non-binding. They will automatically be cancelled after a few days of non-payment.

§8.3 Post-paid options
The clause §8.2 does not count for products that are marked as post-paid as well as customer accounts, that have the post-paid option enabled. In case you have a post-paid account or the service you order is post-paid, orders are binding and setup starts instantly after the order was placed. It is not possible to cancel post-paid orders.

§8.4 Renewal payments
The date you have to submit your payment at or before so your product isn’t deleted depends on the product and ranges from 3 days before the product expires to 2 weeks after the product expires. The date is shown in the panel. If you need the date to be expanded please contact customer support. You should note however that is not always possible.

§8.5 Pending payments
In case your payment is pending at a gateway level (for example PayPal holding the funds for review), it will not count against your invoice until it goes through. Wherever possible (with some payment methods it may not be possible for technical reasons) our system will however stop overdue suspension/termination for your service until the payment is accepted or declined.

§9 Whois guard
§9.1 Whois guard exclusion reasons
Our whois guard must not be used if your website fits into the following categories:

  • Online shops
  • Hosting companies
  • Cyber-Security related products (for example Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware software)
  • Security related products (for example CCTV or alarm systems)

9.2 Disclosure of protected data
The data hidden by our whois guard may be published in the following situations:

  • The whois guard subscription expired
  • We receive a court order
  • Your domain is found to be used in illegal operations (for example illegal hacking, phishing or malware)

9.3 Calls to the whois guard phone number
The customer can select what is supposed to happen when someone calls the phone number in the customer domain’s whois protected whois. Some of these options may come at an additional cost but if they do that cost will be clearly visible before activation of the option:

  • Forward calls after the caller says your domain name
  • Forward calls with a dedicated phone number
  • Record calls after the caller says your domain name
  • Record calls with a dedicated phone number

9.4 Emails to the whois guard email address
Emails sent to the email address listed in the customer domain’s whois guard protected whois will be forwarded to the customer after filtering for spam.

§10 Domain ownership
The customer has full ownership and control over their domain. If they want to move away, the customer can generate an authcode in the customer panel.

§11 Verification
§11.1 Payment method verification
In some cases it may be necessary to verify your payment method. Usually this is because the PayPal email address doesn’t match the account email address in which case we will send a verification email to the PayPal email. Once a payment method has been verified it doesn’t have to be verified again.

§11.2 Company verification
In order to upgrade your account to a company one, verification is required. Usually this is automated but it is possible that additional information like a formation certificate is needed.

§11.3 Customer account verification
In some cases it may be necessary for us to verify a customer’s account data. This process is typically automated but in rare cases a scan of a passport is required.

§12 Jurisdiction
This agreement is governed by the law of the City of London.

§13 Severability
If a provision of this agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:

  1. the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement; or
  2. the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement.
 §14 Third party ToS
§14.1 Nominet ToS
When registering a second or third level .uk domain the customer accepts the Nominet ToS which can be found at http://www.nominet.uk/go/terms