Privacy Policy

Last updated on November 12th, 2017

§1 Storage of personal data
Any personal data entered on our website and panels may be stored for an indefinite amount of time.

§2 Location of stored data
The main storage location of personal data is France, Europe however there may be backup copies in other continents including but not limited to the United States of America.

§3 Cookies
We store that called cookies on your computer. These are small text files that contain information used to identify you. They are used to keep you logged in to your account and for analytics.

§4 Analytics
We use Cookies to analyze user activity in order to improve the Website. For example, using Cookies we can look at aggregate patterns like the average number of job searches that users perform. We can use such analysis to gain insights about how to improve the functionality and experience of the website. This data may be transferred to Google as part of their analytics service.

§5 Transfer of user data to third parties
User data may be transferred to our partners for order processing and protecting our infrastructure. There is no transfer of user data outside of what’s described in this privacy policy.

§5.1 Verification
§5.1.1 Customer account verification
As part of our customer account verification personal data such as your IP address, name, phone number, email address and country may be transferred to companies including but not limited to APIHub, Inc. (“Clearbit”).

§5.1.2 Company verification
As part of our company verification company related data such as your company name and address may be transferred to companies including but not limited to APIHub, Inc. (“Clearbit”).

§6 Order processing
For order processing we may send order related data to our partners (for example a SSL CA if you order a SSL certificate).

§7 Requests for deletion and access to personal data
At any time and for any or no reason may a customer request to get an archive with all the personal data we collected about them. They may also request us to destroy this data which we will do as long as it’s legally possible.